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Belgium & Flanders

Belgium is one of the smaller countries of Europe. It’s situated at the North Sea and has borders with The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is also the administrative centre of the European Union. Only in 1830, Belgium came into existence and it is divided in two parts, The Walloons and Flanders. Three languages are spoken in Belgium (Dutch, French and German). All cities are easy to reach because of the extensive road network.

Belgium is on the most interesting cultural and culinary places in the world. Here, you will find the largest number of cultural cities and classy restaurants per square meter. Belgium is also a true cycling country: the inhabitants are crazy for ‘de koers’ (classic cycle races). Just think about the many cycling races and cyclo-cross events. Thus, in addition to the famous Belgian chocolate, fries and the very wide range of beers, Belgium has several other aces! Get carried away with these wonderful images of Belgium.